Speaking Your Teen’s Language

There have been so many moments as a parent that I have to sit back and laugh at the irony of it all. While I’m steadily approaching middle age and somehow can’t ever remember where I put my car keys, I can still remember my teen years in vivid detail. Those years of friendships, experiences,… Continue reading Speaking Your Teen’s Language

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Grieving Their Childhood

I was headed home on my morning walk when the white feathers against the green grass caught my eye. Two baby birds lay still near the sidewalk, just a few feet under the nest carefully resting on the branches above. I noticed the mama bird immediately. Flitting from branch to branch, she was unable to… Continue reading Grieving Their Childhood


Encouragement for Your Middle School Girl

I’ve nearly reached the glorious stage of parenting where I no longer have a middle schooler. Middle school is that time in our lives that can feel like the ultimate fork in the road.  It’s make-it or break-it time. You’re morphing from a child into a mini-grown-up version of your future self. And that seems… Continue reading Encouragement for Your Middle School Girl


Following Your Dreams

Dreams are funny things. My 15 year old daughter recently explained to me that she had read an article about dreams (no doubt from an extremely reliable source she found while scrolling through Pinterest) and that dreams are made up of things we are scared of or things that we really want. Whether it’s based… Continue reading Following Your Dreams